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About: This blog was started to enable me to share my predictions on what will be the next trend, and what/who everyone will talk about in the near future. But also to let you know what inspires me, to hopefully inspire other artists around the world. I work with design, so I have some insight into the world of Fashion, Film, TV and Art.

Richard Thoreau is a made up persona and is used to separate my personal life from this blog and to hide who I am. Maybe someday it will all be one and you will all know who I am. But for now, let's keep it a secret

Mona Johannesson photographed by David Bellemere for Marie Claire Italia, September 2011

Breathtakingly beautiful Hanneli Mustaparta

Breathtakingly beautiful Hanneli Mustaparta

Amazing illustrations from Kelly Smith - Tasmania, Australia

Christine Loekkeboe by Rickard Sund for Styleby #3 Summer 2011

Hold the presses, the new supermodel is here and she is not from Croydon this time, she is from Karlskrona, in Sweden. Maja Mayskär is represented by Stockholms Gruppen and she is definitely going to go far soon, take it from me.

Cheap Monday Fall/Winter 2011 - This is how you should look this winter according to Orjan Andersson, the founder of Cheap Monday and Weekday.

365 Days - is the name of the fashion blog by two sisters, Mira & Thilda Berglind from a town outside of Stockholm, Sweden. It might sound as nothing out of the ordinary and it must be thousands of similar blogs out there. But these two girls are different, their incredible photos looks like something taken out of V or Rolling Stones Magazine. And they use just a simple Nikon D90 outside their house.

They state it’s not just a fashion blog and they want to capture the different seasons in Sweden that is so vastly different. That combined with their unique personal styles makes up something very different and wonderful to watch. 

All the different shoots brings a story and a fantasy feel to them, you would think that these girls have loads of experience but they aren’t even models yet. The youngest sister, Thilda is only 18. Whilst big sister Mira is 20, I think that makes their photos ever more impressive. The girls dream of living in Paris, travel the world and work with style and fashion and I think their dreams are going to come true.

Brand in focus is Danish Wood Wood, started by Brian SS Jensen, Karl-Oskar Olsen and Magnus Carstensen after their graduation from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The brand started selling limitied addition t-shirts 2002 but has now grown with seasonal lines for both men and women and countless colaborations with brands like Nike, Adidas, Converse and New Balance.

They do keep true to their streetwear roots even that they in their latest S/S 2012 line is leaning more towards dressed than sporty, a different silhouette and more tailored, witch I really liked, because that will get more eyes and new customers to the brand and I think they will become bigger and more recognized in the years to come. Wood Wood is about more then just making clothes, like a lot of other brands of late they are spanning out, doing music, art, events and even having their own road cycling team. But what I like to focus on in this short text is three things.

First off my favorite collaboration is the one they did with Ellesse Heritage combining the iconic label with the Scandinavian street style makes such a great contrast. Been trying to get hold of the Navy Chino shorts, but they seemed to be sold out everywhere. Second thing is the underlying humor that’s been following the brand from the start, the quirky quotes on tshirts and playing with logos is very uplifting, not taking everything so serious. And third and last is the small details they somehow fit in everywhere, for example I bought this sweatshirt and the pictures doesn’t make it justice. Wonderful material, colors and it looks great wearing it, plus the hidden blue pocket on the right side is such a cool hidden detail. So if you haven’t already, check out this uplifting and fun brand. 

Berlin Fashion Week - Wood Wood S/S ‘12 Video

My first prediction, or rather a person to look out for in late 2011 is Sabrina Nait. I got her showcard at New York Fashion Week F/W ‘11 and it’s just something special about this French girl. She is represented by the very selective agency Re:Quest in NY that mostly specialize in male models, witch also brings an unusual twist to the beginning of her career. She has a very strong body but in the same time not too athletic and her face has very ladylike dark futures. I really hope she will land some big jobs, so we can see what she can really do. I don’t know her personally or heard how she is to work with. But I have a feeling it will come soon enough.

RED - is the new way for a lot of photographers to instead of just taking stills, film a photoshoot and extract frames from the material to use as photos. One man that quickly adapted to this technology is Greg Williams that used the first RED camera called One on the photoshoot for Esquire above. One of those frames of Kate Beckinsale became the cover for the magazine. And Williams got so inspired by the way of using a video camera so he is now leaning more towards filming than photography. You can see proof of that on his latest showreel.

Another photographer, Russel James, known for being Victoria Secrets photographer of choice nowadays, recently raved about the new RED Epic camera used on a upcoming ad for VS. He said “On this shoot we switched from print in the morning to video in the afternoon

I personally love this transition seeing photo and video blend together in a natural way and it’s wonderful how Russel makes inspirational movies connected to the photos. Can’t wait to see more brands and photographers to follow in their footsteps.

Janie Taylor for Chloé on

Janie Taylor for Chloé - The Prima Ballerina Models the Fashion House’s Ethereal Collection

Up and coming blogger: afterDRK - Sabrina Meijer

It’s hard to keep track on all the blogs out there but this girl have had me as a regular visitor from the moment she started blogging. And I can safely say that she is someone to keep an eye on.

With her professional outlook on fashion and the way she is mixing textures, fabrics and styles she always comes up with something fresh and exciting but still keeps it on a scandinavian minimalistic-level.

She is 23 years old and writer for and based in Amsterdam, so head over to her blog to get inspired. -

”YSL is pleased to announce that on the occasion of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince’s wedding, the groom will be dressed by Stefano Pilati.”

That is great news, and for you who don’t know who Stefano Pilati is, he is the Head Designer for Yves Saint Laurent. He was born 1965 in Italy and has been working at YSL since 2002. To me he has incredible sense of style, and his personal style is ruff and dressed at the same time. I think he is the right choice for Jamie, to get him looking dressed with a bit of Rock’n’Roll thrown in.

Video interview Stefano Pilati at NET-A-PORTER.COM

Somehow I have an act to spot upcoming faces in fashion. First time I saw Abbey Lee just at a glance I said that she will become a great model. I have some predictions for 2012 but I will keep them for myself right now and dedicate a post to Constance Jablonski that I first saw in early 2009 and she instantly cached my eye. Right now her career is skyrocketing, just look at the amazing pictures from Muse Magazine witch is the three last pictures in the slideshow. And from what I have heard she is also great to work with. 

Some short info about Constance:

COACD Video with Constance Jablonski and Jason Wu

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